Toronto Street Map

Hello from the Gentle Giant to the north. Canada offers a wide variety of locations from some of the most urban to some of the most rural areas available for travel in the Western Hemisphere. If you're planning a trip across the Canadian border to the vibrant city of Toronto, make sure you bring a STREETWISE® Toronto street map.

Toronto has been a top travel destination for years now. It is an incredibly modern city while at the same time offering a wide array of traditional cultural and architectural sights. From the shores of Lake Ontario to the Annex, Toronto offers many different activities and destinations. The Toronto nightlife is almost second to none in Canada. Its parks (from Balfour to Queens) are some of the most beautiful around, and the Sky Dome is perhaps one of the most graceful architectural achievements in North America. With so much to see, and given the limited time of an average vacation, your visit to Toronto shouldn't be hampered by a lot of asking around and getting lost; bring along a Toronto street map from the map experts at STREETWISE® and you'll never lose your way.

With a new Toronto street map, you're assured to have all of Toronto's sights and sounds at your fingertips. Our maps are jam-packed with useful information about the city, but unlike those other maps your STREETWISE® Toronto street map won't strain your eyes. We employ a revolutionary color contrast system that is specifically designed for extended viewing. With colors ranging from gold to purple to pastel shades, STREETWISE® maps allow you to easily differentiate between cultural sites, hotels, shopping centers and a variety of other locations. Stare for hours and never feel like your eyes are about to bulge out of your head.

Like all STREETWISE® maps, our Toronto street map is designed using our accordion-fold technology. Unlike those other maps that you have to fold a million times, a million different ways, our maps simply pull out into unique, horizontal displays. This means that you won't be caught on the street looking like a tourist. You can simply pull your STREETWISE® map out of any purse or pocket, see where you want to go and then let the Toronto street map practically fold itself. Because they fold the same way every time, STREETWISE® maps do all the work for you.

If you find yourself in a rain or snowstorm on your way from the University to St. James Cathedral, have no fear. STREETWISE® Toronto street maps are fully laminated to resist all of Mother Nature's whims. You don't have to thank us. Here at STREETWISE® we make it our business to create the most durable travel tools available. Why? Well, two reasons really. First of all we want to please our customers but, secondly, we're travelers too. We make maps that we would want to use, maps that we do use, when we're traveling the globe. That's really how it all started.

In 1984, accomplished globe-trotter Michael Brown started his own map line with the dedicated traveler in mind. He wanted to make accurate maps that reflected the true nature of his favorite cities. Since then he and his team of travel experts have been traveling the world and making products like the innovative Toronto street map. The STREETWISE® team does all of its own original cartography; we don't simply make reproductions of those other maps. We go to the cities, walk the streets and parks, and take in the nightlife. We want to give you, our fellow travelers, the best information possible about the world's most engaging cities.

There's nothing like a STREETWISE® map, so pick up your own Toronto street map today.

STREETWISE® Maps makes the best laminated street maps available for purchase on the market today. Easy to read and accordion fold for effortless use, all of our detailed travel maps are pocket size for discretion so you don't stick out like a tourist. Browse the right side of this page to see other STREETWISE® folding pocket maps related to this Toronto Street Map. Don't buy any other travel map without first trying STREETWISE® Maps. Order today!

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