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Whether you're visiting in a top European attraction, traveling to a new city on business, or simply looking for the best routes to get around your own home town, a STREETWISE® city map is the ultimate navigational tool.

For over 20 years, STREETWISE® has offered a wide selection of street maps for cities and regions around the globe. Today STREETWISE® carries over a hundred city map titles in bookstores, travel shops, and right here on our site.

The advantages of using a STREETWISE® map

City maps from STREETWISE® are created with the user in mind. We know that frequent travelers depend on an accurate and durable map that is easy to carry. Therefore STREETWISE® products embody everything you'd want a city map to be - clear, concise and convenient.

Even without reading the text, you can see how easily space is delineated by color. City maps are designed with a vivid color scheme - purple waters, gray street grids, and gold highlighting. Towns and streets are labeled with clear and accurately placed text that you can actually read.

In addition to offering a stunning visualization of the area, we make sure that each city map is relevant and to the point. We spend ages in the city of each title in order to get a full understanding of what information the user would need to get around. Also, maps are updated every 12-18 months (usually sooner rather than later), keeping the information current and reliable.

Another outstanding feature of a STREETWISE® map is convenience. Before the first STREETWISE® prototype was created in 1984, city maps were large and unwieldy objects that unfolded in every direction and easily fell apart. At that time, Michael Brown, founder of STREETWISE® Maps, introduced the first accordion fold city map design with lamination. To this day, all STREETWISE® Maps feature Brown's design, providing small and durable guides to cities around the world.

STREETWISE® Maps makes the best laminated street maps available for purchase on the market today. Easy to read and accordion fold for effortless use, all of our detailed travel maps are pocket size for discretion so you don't stick out like a tourist. Browse the right side of this page to see other STREETWISE® folding pocket maps in addition to the featured Manhattan city map. Don't buy any other city map without first trying STREETWISE® Maps. Order today!

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