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Toronto Map 2011

STREETWISE® Toronto Map 2011 - City Center Street Map of Toronto, Canada

Laminated Center City Street Map of Toronto, Canada - Folding pocket size travel map with integrated subway & trolley bus lines & stations

Toronto is a city that has successfully intermingled big urban life with intimate individual experience. What does that mean? Well it means that you find houses, not just high rise condos, in the middle of the city. Lots of two or three story houses in eclectic designs on tree lined streets; something you would expect to find in a pleasant suburb, but not in a big city. It means that while you can find the big box retailers, most shopping is found at small individually owned retailers who specialize in what they’re selling. It means that the crime rate is lower than Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Hartford, Connecticut. It means that the grey granite buildings of the University of Toronto in the center of town bestow a collegiate atmosphere to the heart of the city. It means that there is a civility that extends to everyday encounters. That’s also something you don’t necessarily find in a big city.

But don’t be fooled into thinking this is a small town. It is a city and the most prominent city in the nation. This is the financial center of Canada. The two national newspapers and the newspaper with the highest circulation are based here: The Globe and Mail, The National Post and The Toronto Star. This is home to 50 dance companies, 6 opera companies, 5 professional sports teams, 2 symphonies and the tallest building in the world (the CN Tower – over 553 meters high). This is the home of Harlequin, the largest and most prolific Romance publisher in the world. Toronto is the third largest English speaking theatre community in the world after London and New York. It’s the fifth largest city in North America after Mexico City, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. This is no small town.

The arts play a central part in daily life. The Royal Conservatory of Music is the largest independent arts educator in Canada and concerts featuring ARC, their world renowned resident artist ensemble, are worth a journey alone.  The Art Gallery of Ontario is newly housed in the renovated building designed by Toronto born Frank Gehry.  A swirling, strutting, breath of fresh air, this is more than just a space to house art. The AGO has taken this opportunity to redefine itself. Focusing on opening the experience of art to the city, the building is designed with block long vistas of glass, bringing the city inside and the art to the city.

The expansion of the AOG is only one element in the explosion of arts venues in the city. Toronto is committed to the arts and the next few years will see the opening of three major examples of this investment. The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is adding a new addition designed by Daniel Leibskind that will wrap around and within the existing museum structure. Slated for completion by 2007 the new and renovated galleries will double the available exhibition space. Next door to ROM, The Royal Conservatory of Music is building a brand new performance center that will house a 1,000 seat concert hall and educational center. Opening in late 2007 - early 2008, the training facility will feature first class studios perfectly suited for the faculty and students of the illustrious Glenn Gould School's Performance Program. The Canadian Opera Company will finally have a home of its own when the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts opens this year. This state of the art center will also feature performances by the National Ballet of Canada in a facility specifically designed for these two art forms.

Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in North America. Over 100 languages are spoken here. This mix of cultures contributes to Toronto being a foodie haven. The restaurant scene is a reason to visit with celebrity chefs opening searingly hot new spots, a vast array of good, great and excellent favorites and an extensive variety of ethnic restaurants. Every cuisine imaginable is here in authentic form, each nuanced in it's own regional fare. You won't find just Indian restaurants, you'll find Indian restaurants specializing in each specific region of India. Lessen the angst of choosing a restaurant by checking out the suggestions at Just remember, when you arrive in Toronto, arrive hungry.

Shoppers, inspired by a visit to the Bata Shoe Museum, can indulge their discriminating taste at Hazelton Lanes, an upscale shopping area areound Yonge and Bloor, or head to Queen's Street West and peruse the funkier boutiques. If you're in town on December 21, celebrate the winter solstice at the Kensington Karnival, a candlelight parade with music and 8 foot costumed figures, located at Kensington Market, a permanent covered market filled with food stalls of fish, meats, produce and spices, vintage clothing stands and unique gifts from around the world.

Getting around Toronto is easy if you have the STREETWISE® Toronto city map. This map of Toronto covers the core of the city from Toronto Inner Harbour on Lake Ontario to Eglington Avenue in the north, from Bathurst to Bayview. All streets, cultural sites, government buildings, education, hospitals, hotels, parks, places of interest, and shopping are indexed and highlighted on the Toronto map. Transportation such as the train depot, Union Station, and subway stops are clearly indicated. A separate inset of the subway and rapid transit lines is included. The Toronto Area map stretches from Mississauga to Pickering and up to Richmond Hill. All major highways and thoroughfares are included. The index for this area map of Toronto lists streets, government sites, airports, educational sites, parks, and places of interest such as the Metropolitan Zoo in Scarborough. A visit here makes a lasting impression, especially if you go with friends for the day.

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STREETWISE® Toronto Map 2011

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