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Stockholm Map 2014

STREETWISE® Stockholm Map 2014 - City Center Street Map of Stockholm, Sweden

2014 Updated

It’s not all Blonds and Volvos in Stockholm (although you couldn’t throw a Swedish meatball without hitting several of either). No, Stockholm is equal parts history, culture, and food, all surrounded by water.  Lots and lots of water.  Tooling around the islands in the middle of the city you might think there is more water in Stockholm than land mass.  You might be right. There is so much surrounding nature that you can easily alternate experiences, culture and history versus the fresh outdoors: a visit to the ghost like Vasa ship then an amble through verdant Djurgården Park; a Millennium tour through Södermalm followed by a ferry tour through the islands; a slice (or two) of luscious äppelkaka apple cake then a stride along the waterfront.  Balance is the key to a pleasurable life in Stockholm.   Part of the pleasure is the abundance of good places to eat.  From the ten (yes, ten!) different variations on gravad lax at Lisa Elmqvist in the Saluhall, to the afternoon tea spread at Berns Hotel, to the über happening (and well worth it) B.A.R, you can truly stuff yourself silly.  And then, well sated, you can take a brisk jaunt in the park and walk it all off.  Balance, my friend, it’s all about balance.

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STREETWISE® Stockholm Map 2014

Stockholm Map Scales:
Stockholm City Map 1:10,000
Gamla Stan Map 1:6,000
Stockholm Metro Map (no scale)

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8.5 inches by 32 inches

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