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London Map 2016

STREETWISE® London Map 2016 - City Center Street Map of London, England

Laminated City Center Street Map of London, England - Folding pocket size travel map with London underground tube map

2016 Updated

London is one of the most popular, populated and accessible cites on earth. People love London. And why not? Londoners are charming and helpful, and their city operates on such a high dosage of civility that it could be considered an art form. London is an urban oasis where you can search out cutting edge design, cuisine, fashion, chic neighborhoods, or traditional culture.

When visiting London, be prepared to walk. Whether its basic window shopping, advanced people watching, or the rewarding task of locating restaurants and museums, London is urban roaming at its best. Days can be spent just visiting London's neighborhoods, each with its own character, atmosphere and unique offerings.

The STREETWISE® Map of London UK will enable you to go anywhere in central London. The detailed and indexed depiction of streets, tube stations, sites and hotels will enable you to spend more time making new urban discoveries than less time complaining about disorientation. Say you choose Mayfair,for its refined and cultured demeanor. Take an afternoon stroll wandering through Berkeley Square, Grovesnor Square and Green Park then finish with an espresso at Rochaux’s cafe. You’ll briefly feel exclusive. Wander the back alleys in Soho and you will never know what or who you’ll run across. The very trendy Covent Garden is dense with human interaction packed into a small area. Walk up to Bloomsbury with its literary heritage to be amazed by the vast holdings within the British Museum. Nearby restaurants on Charlotte Street and the shops of Tottenham Road are a nice diversion for an afternoon.

The original city of London is the square mile of the city center, now the financial center as well. Immerse yourself in history and architecture with its many fantastic buildings beginning with St Paul’s Cathedral on the western edge and ending at the Tower of London to the eastside. Hike over the Thames on the Tower Bridge to see the Design Museum and the HMS Belfast.

You are now on the South Bank dominated by Waterloo Station and its surrounding shopping and dining area. The London Eye will provide an interesting overhead perspective of greater London. Come back to earth and walk the Thames along Queen’s walk pedestrian path and you'll be rewarded upon finding Gabriel’s Wharf, the Tate Modern, the famous wobbly Millennium Bridge and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

Walk South through Hyde Park and you encounter Knightsbridge. It is one of London’s most fashionable neighborhoods, the home of Harrod’s (the Vatican of department stores) and Beauchamp Place, one of London’s most fashionable shopping streets. If shopping is not on the agenda, there are museums like the Victoria & Albert, the Science Museum, and the Natural History Museum. South of Knightsbridge is Belgravia. This area has long been the aristocratic section of London, rivaling Mayfair in grandeur and tranquility.

Further to the south and west is stylish Chelsea which begins at Sloane Square. Chelsea has always been a favorite place for artists and writers, including Oscar Wilde who was arrested here and Thomas Carlyle (whose home you can visit). Chelsea’s major shopping boulevard is King’s Road, where Mary Quant first launched the miniskirt in the 1960s.

Our London street map is fully indexed with streets, concert halls, hotels, museums and galleries, parks, points of interest, shopping areas and transportation terminals. A separate inset map of the London Underground, the Tube, is also included to facilitate your travel around the city.

The STREETWISE® Map of London England is the easy accordion-fold resource you need to navigate London like a native. Browse the boxes below to see other STREETWISE® pocket size maps designed to compliment your London map.

STREETWISE® London Map 2016

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