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Hello from the top of the United States - well, the man-made top. That's right, you're invited to come to Chicago and climb the Willis Tower. Simply take Lake Shore Drive to Jackson Boulevard and come on up. We suggest using the elevator. If this is your first trip to the Windy City, then welcome! If not, then welcome back! Either way, no tour of Chicago would be complete without a STREETWISE® Chicago city map at your side. The map experts at STREETWISE® have walked the streets, from North Clark to South State. We've visited the cultural attractions from the Museum of Contemporary Art, to the Art Institute, thru University Village, past the Museum of Science (home to Sue, the city's beloved Tyrannosaurus Rex), up to Navy Pier and on to Wrigley Field.

Our STREETWISE® Chicago city map is the perfect resource for learning the ins and outs of the city for first time travelers and long-time residents alike. As always, STREETWISE® puts the heart of the city right in your hands with a stunning graphic representation that is easy to follow and filled with all the information you need.

The experts at STREETWISE® have given their full attention to this gem of the Midwest so you can navigate it - or any city in the country - with ease. Nothing could be easier than getting around with your very own STREETWISE® Chicago city map.

Beginning in 1984, STREETWISE® founder Michael Brown decided to translate his own love of traveling into a tool for other travelers. To do so, Brown began mapping his favorite destinations. As he toured the globe, he'd take in the local sights and sounds and, using his own cartography skills, Brown started charting some of the world's most interesting destinations. Starting out solo, Brown mapped, printed and delivered his innovative products to local retailers and very soon his maps caught on.

The reason for Brown's success comes from his commitment to the needs of the serious traveler. He'd used those other maps for too long and became all too familiar with their flaws. The first problem that Brown wanted to conquer was the flimsy nature of the traditional map. Their weak paper construction was too susceptible to the moods of Mother Nature. To change this situation, Brown decided to laminate STREETWISE® maps, like our Chicago city map. With this design, rain can't melt our maps and the wind can't tear them - a must in the Windy City! Also, the lamination and stiff construction that Brown pioneered assures you that our maps are durable. They are meant for years of use by the world's most discriminating travelers.

Because Brown wants his maps to be traveler friendly, we've designed them using a revolutionary accordion-fold system. This means that they are the most discreet maps on the market. You no longer have to stand on the street corner with an enormous, million-fold map in your hands. Instead, STREETWISE® maps fold down into convenient rectangles that can fit into any purse or pocket, and they fold the same way every time. In fact, due to their consistent creases, they practically fold themselves! Simply take out your STREETWISE® Chicago city map, pull it apart, look where you're going and move your hands back together. This design also helps to ensure their durability. You won't have to fight ambiguous creases that will eventually cause the wear and tear of your other maps. A Chicago city map from your fellow travelers at STREETWISE® uses the same creases the same way, every time.

STREETWISE® maps also employ a brilliant color contrast system. Because of their small size and the amount of information contained in STREETWISE® maps, you may think that they are difficult to read. In fact, reading your new Chicago city map couldn't be easier. We use a range of colors, from purple to gold to pastel shades; making map reading easier on your eyes than ever.

STREETWISE® Maps makes the best laminated street maps available for purchase on the market today. Easy to read and accordion fold for effortless use, all of our detailed travel maps are pocket size for discretion so you don't stick out like a tourist. Browse the right side of this page to see other STREETWISE® folding pocket maps related to this Chicago City Map. Don't buy any other travel map without first trying STREETWISE® Maps. Order today!

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